day 365

December 31st, 2011.
11:57 pm.
Ringin' in the new year in bed in our comfies.
Joking with eachother about how exciting we are...
cuddled up in bed with our ipads and iphones, kids sound asleep...
does it get any better than this???
What an amazing year 2011 has been.
I can hardly believe another year has come and gone.
Many laughs. Many tears.
Many hugs, kisses, cuddles and tickles.
With the welcome of our perfect son,
2011 marks the year when our little family became
totally, absolutely and perfectly complete.
Goodbye 2011,
hello new year.

More memories are just around the corner, waiting to be made.


day 364

Another person my kids love who we don't get to see enough of!
Auntie A is moving down south for the next couple years to go to school
so she came over this morning for a quick visit and to say goodbye.
I'll miss you, A!!!

day 363

Their favorite Christmas presents this year:
American Girl dolls.
Payton named hers Paisley, and Gabby named hers Lexie.
I have to say, I am jealous.
I want one.

day 362

I got some new studio lighting which I am sooooo excited about
so I had Gabby hop in front of the camera for me so I could test them out.
Love it!!!

day 361

The kiddos with Uncle Billy!
It was sooooo awesome to have Billy home for Christmas this year.
The kids just love him and it makes me so sad that we don't get to see him more often.
I'm so glad we had this short time with him, though...
We love you Billy!!!

day 360

It wouldn't be Christmas in Red Deer if the kids didn't go in the hot tub with Grandpa.
Everyone is having so much fun, and we're loving this mild weather!

day 359

Merry Christmas!!
The 4 kiddos in the Christmas aftermath.
We had such a fun morning exchanging gifts and seeing what treasures
Santa left for us last night...
now it's off to church and then on to Red Deer after that.
A busy day, but we just love this time of year so much and are
soooo lucky to be able to celebrate our Savior's birth with our families.
We love Christmas!

day 358

Our little Elf on Christmas Eve!
I couldn't handle how cute Crew was looking in his Christmas jammies on his
very first Christmas!
He was so cute and fun tonight...we are so lucky to have this guy!
We had a fun night at Nana's eating, playing, opening presents and eating some more.
Poor Payton was sick all evening so we're hoping she feels better for all the fun tomorrow...
it was a wonderful night!

day 357

This little man just gets cuter everyday.
Anything he does is another photo opportunity to me!

day 356

Always taking pictures...

day 355

Payton and Gabby in their school Christmas concert!
It was hard to get photos, but they were adorable and did a great job.
I'm such a proud mama of these two!!

day 354

She is looking WAY too old in this picture
all talkin' on her cell phone like she's a teenager or something.

day 353

Christmas Craft Day with the girlies and their little friends!
It was a little crazy, but we pulled it off,
and the kids ended up with some handmade Christmas crafts to show for it.
A new tradition maybe?

day 352

Happy 7th Birthday Payton!!!
I made her a Justin Bieber cake and she loved it.
I can't believe how old this girl is!

day 351

This was hilarious...
Crew was sad and I caught Gabby doing gymnastics for him to keep him entertained.
So funny and so cute!!

day 350

Payton's birthday cupcakes for her class at school...

day 349

Gabby and her grade 5 buddy in the library today!

day 348

My little dude is 7 months old.
How did that happen???
I die at his cuteness.
He is the best accident in the entire world!

day 347

I think someone's a little tired of shopping...

day 346

Look who arrived at our house this morning!
The girls named him Buddy
(after watching the "Elf" movie last night)
and I'm sure he'll be up to all kinds of mischief around here...
so much fun!